How to match a men’s lambskin jacket, you can wear a tough feeling

Fleece lambskin jacket with high neck sweater

The rugged lambskin coat is rugged with an elegant fine-knit turtleneck sweater that neutralizes two different styles. The male hormones are bursting out, and the gentleman is graceful.

Fleece lambskin jacket with black suit

The fluffy lambskin jacket with a tough guy and cool attributes, with a black body, will only make you more mysterious, more tough and taller, with a 200% eyesight.

Cowboy lambskin jacket with sweater

If you want to dress a little more youthful, you may want to choose a cowboy lambskin coat that is not so strong. The youthful trend is also a bit of college style, with fresh and fresh items. With a hooded sweater, the concave shape and warmth are not conflicting here, and the age reduction effect is very good.

Lambskin jacket with tights

Brown leather with white fluffy lambskin, with black tights sneakers, slim and gas field, the upper body is recommended to choose a light-colored sweater or sweater, and finally a dark blue scarf, even in the winter coat It won’t feel cold when you wear it.

White lambskin jacket with sweater

Choose a white turtleneck sweater that is fresh and clean, and the high-necked design is warmer. It is fitted with a short white lambskin coat on the outside, and the splicing of the khaki on the sleeves makes it more design. The lower body is paired with a pair of casual jeans, and the design of the hole-cut edge is more versatile. Choose a pair of white sneakers that are sporty and comfortable. The overall shape keeps warm and the leisure rate is good.


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