The truck driver’s jacket has long legs. The coat that can be used as a compartment is the most worthwhile.

Imagine wearing a tens of thousands of coats, but there is a rolling ball sweater inside, others do not despise you. And in winter, we usually spend more time indoors than outdoors.

Truck driver jacket advantage

Truck driver jackets are also a good tool for jackets or jackets!

  1. In a warm climate, wear a jacket; in the cold winter weather, when you get off the coat in the room, you can also wear a jacket.
  2. And spring, autumn and winter can be worn, it is not so cost-effective to start wearing three seasons;
  3. Short jacket, which can optimize the proportion of the body, lengthen the height, especially the long legs;
  4. When doing the compartment, it can keep warm and keep warm, increase the sense of layering and enrich the shape. At first glance, it is a boy who will wear a taste;
  5. Clean and neat tailoring, wearing a very decent and temperament, the kind that people love;
  6. Boys who are not tall can also try.
  7. There are many materials, cowboys and suede. They are all fabrics that show the charm of men. There are also many designs on the collar, which are warm and noble.
  8. Match a lot of items. So which specific items can I match? How to match it? The following influx of people demonstrate.
Coat article:

The following recommended formulas are just for the inside, in the cold climate, you need to add a coat, down jacket, Parker coat, or other thick warm jacket!

1.Bold mix and match
Truck driver jacket + shirt

Casual truck driver jackets, mixed with dress shirts, are very harmonious. Learn blogger denim jacket + shirt + tie. White shirts, blue shirts, checkered shirts, and striped shirts are all good choices. The bigger the clean and textured shirts, the better. What do you say?

2.Simple and decent
Truck driver jacket + T-shirt

How can you get a comfortable T-shirt with a hand? In order to look fresh and eye-catching, put a white T-shirt inside; in order to look stable and mysterious, put a black or dark blue, dark gray, dark coffee T-shirt inside. It is not recommended to try a fancy T-shirt and it is easy to drop a grade. (but not not, you are free)

3.Age-reducing street
Truck driver jacket + hooded sweater

Unlike shirts and T-shirts, when choosing, they prefer to choose a hooded sweater with a print, or a special design, or a bright color, of course, in order to show their taste! However, men who want to take a steady route still have to choose simple design, generous, dark sweater.

4.Keep warm and keep warm
Truck driver jacket + sweater

A warm place with a T-shirt is enough, and the cold place should be kept warm. A fine sweater or sweater must be preferred. It is recommended that the slim fit not be too thick, otherwise the jacket may be bloated.

5.Jacket layer
Truck driver jacket + suit

Even some loose and thick truck driver jackets are no problem to wear directly in the winter. Refer to Oliver Lips in the demonstration of fresh meat bloggers.

1.Modified leg shape
Truck Driver Jacket + Straight Casual Pants

The straight tube must be tailored to the shape of the leg, and the trousers have their own elegant attributes. If you choose a style with a foot design, it is simply more fashionable. As for the shoes, with monk shoes, Lok Fu shoes, small white shoes, or Chelsea boots? With you! (Tie boots are too hard, canvas shoes and other casual shoes, avant-garde carefully try)

Truck driver jacket + overalls

Paired with overalls, it is very wild and masculine, not only tidal, but also cool. The sleek temperament stands out.

Truck driver jacket + leg pants

The trousers are mostly made of sports fabrics, which are flexible and comfortable to move. Considering the cold weather, the design of the beamed feet will have the effect of wind blocking.


If you don’t have your feet, you can also choose to lift your trousers.

4.Basic matching
Truck driver + jeans

Pants that can be worn without a brain must be jeans. However, when the khaki driver’s jacket is made of denim, it is recommended to choose black slim jeans, which is not easy to make mistakes. (Be aware of the blue denim jacket + blue jeans, not very harmonious, unless it is a suit)

How to choose a truck driver jacket?
1.Basic generous
Durable and durable

We started to talk about it. The simpler and more generous is the better the design, and it is recommended for durability. Denim and suede styles are more common. Personally recommend these two materials. Of course, you need to rely on accessories to attract people’s attention. Of course, there are leather, woolen, corduroy and other fabrics, which is not bad.

2.It’s too boring to match?
It’s better to design a personality!

At first, choose a truck driver jacket with prints, embroidery, tassels, holes, sanding, zippers, worn, stitching, etc., and more personality and personality. Different designs convey different styles and temperament